The Fintech 5 with Frazer Anderson — Principal at Vestigo Ventures

The Fintech 5 is a series of blog posts consisting of questions and answers designed to help you get to know the people in the Fintech Sandbox community.

Frazer Anderson is a Principal at Boston-based, fintech-focused venture firm Vestigo Ventures. Vestigo targets initial investment in seed and series A companies. Frazer has a particular interest in how machine learning and SaaS are transforming financial services.

Frazer Anderson
Frazer Anderson

Question #1: Frazer, what fintech problem has your attention right now?

Problems abound! I’m not focused on any one specifically — looking to find excellent founders who want to automate and build analytics on top of existing workflows. If there is one area I would look though it would be platform plays in private markets.

#2: What trends in fintech are you most excited about?

It’s all about AI-driven automation and infrastructure or the API-ification of financial services.

#3: What are some of the biggest learnings from your career journey in fintech and/or entrepreneurship?

Early-stage investing is 100% about the team. Everything else you do as part of diligence ultimately gets back to information about how perceptive, relentless, networked, etc. the team you’re investing in is.

#4: Which fintech companies are you keeping an eye on right now?

SaaSWorks is automating the customer data file and bringing superpowers to the office of the CFO.

#5: Hot take! What are your thoughts on AI in the fintech industry?

Visibility and accuracy are the biggest things holding back the adoption curve. The stakes in financial services are too high to have hallucinations for a lot of tasks and enterprises are going to require visibility into how decisions are made. That’s why there is still plenty of room to build good old-fashioned infrastructure or lean in to super high-value tech-enabled services.

Bonus Question! If you could have coffee with any entrepreneur, who would it be?

Warren Buffet.

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