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Fintech Sandbox’s Data Access Residency provides early-stage startups from around the world with premium data feeds and APIs from our industry-leading data partners, saving entrepreneurs tens of thousands of dollars.

Startups accepted into the Data Access Residency receive up to 6 months of free data access from each of our 40+ data partners—such as FactSet, Plaid, S&P Global, Equifax, MSCI, Moody’s, Associated Press, and many more. Our startups utilize this data to build, develop, and test their products as they work to go to market or launch a new feature.


40+ Data &
Infrastructure Partners

Get access to premier global data sets, APIs, and cloud resources from partners such as Moody’s Analytics, Morningstar, Factset, Plaid, AWS, and more.

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Lowering The Barrier To Entry For Fintech Entrepreneurs

Good data is expensive. For an early-stage fintech startup, accessing quality data and the infrastructure resources needed to build and test products can be difficult and costly. We believe that data should enable innovation, not hinder it. Since our founding, Fintech Sandbox has enabled entrepreneurs from around the world to focus on building innovative solutions through our Data Access Residency.



Entrepreneurs from around the world utilize Fintech Sandbox's Data Access Residency to test and build their products and to extend their runways, enabling financial innovation at scale.



Partnering with the world’s leading data providers in ESG, credit, consumer, news, capital markets, and alternative data plus infrastructure providers for cloud hosting and APIs. Both structured and unstructured data are available.



Startups in the Data Access Residency gained access to significant savings through the program, allowing them to continue to build their products and businesses.

How Does The Data Access
Residency Work

The Application Process

Your initial application can be submitted online at any time. There are no cohorts; startups are admitted on a rolling basis.

The interview process consists of two rounds of interviews. The first is a virtual meeting with the Fintech Sandbox team. The second is a virtual demo to the Fintech Sandbox team and several of our Advocates, who are experienced financial services technology executives, venture investors, or former fintech entrepreneurs.

Decisions are usually made one to two weeks after the second round interview.

Applying to the Data Access Residency

Startups need access to data at different times, so applications are accepted on a rolling basis and startups are onboarded to the Data Access Residency biweekly.

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Onboarding to Fintech Sandbox

Fintech Sandbox has pre-negotiated agreements, on behalf of our accepted startups, for free access to certain data sets for up to 6 months from each of our data partners. Once accepted into the Data Access Residency, the startup directly signs a free data license agreement with each data partner they choose to work with, which allows the startup to also build a relationship with those data providers.

From there, the data partners work with the startup directly to grant access to the respective data sets. Depending on the data provider, the data set will be available through API, FTP, or another data delivery method.


Accessing the Data

Startups are allowed to work with multiple data partners at a time and will receive 6 months of free data access from each. Because of that, startups are generally active in the program for 8 – 12 months.

Once the 6 months of free data access is over, the startup can decide whether they’d like to enter into a commercial agreement with the data provider and continue to use the dataset.

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