Data Is The Key To Financial Innovation

We believe that access to data should enable innovation, not hinder it.
But data can be expensive and difficult to access as an early-stage,
pre-revenue startup. That’s why Fintech Sandbox is dedicated to partnering with data providers to collaborate with promising startups to fuel innovation.

The Problem

Good Data Is Expensive.

Fintech and financial services are unique. You can’t build a personal finance app, trading platform, AI model, or credit tool without data behind the scenes to power the product.

Those needed datasets can cost up to $200,000, which is inaccessible to most early-stage entrepreneurs trying to land their first customers.


The world today is generating more data than ever before.

This data is essential for understanding changes and realities across populations, markets, the climate, and more. We believe in the power of data to fuel innovation.


But the high cost and inaccessibility of data can be a barrier to entry for entrepreneurs.

One of the greatest impediments to starting a fintech business is the high cost and/or inaccessibility of data. Without access to deep, quality data, it’s difficult to identify problems to solve and/or test services to the robust standards of financial institutions.

Quality and representative data is essential.

In today’s landscape of AI models and computer-automated decisions, data that is high quality, representative, clean, and unbiased is more important than ever. These models are only as good as the data they’re trained on.


Fintech Requires Access To Data And Collaboration Throughout The Ecosystem To Foster Innovation.

Fintech Sandbox was founded to solve this problem. By providing streamlined access to a broad range of data—financial and otherwise—we can help entrepreneurs develop and test their applications more quickly and to a higher standard.

Build Without Barriers

Through our Data Access Residency, early-stage fintech startups can get access to over 40 different data providers to test and build their products.

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