Our Mission

At Fintech Sandbox, our mission is to advance financial innovation and lower barriers for early-stage startups, by providing free access to data and educational resources for promising fintech entrepreneurs around the world building the future of financial innovation.

Our Goals

  • Mission Critical: Started by investors and founders whose goal was to reduce the barriers early-stage entrepreneurs face and extend their runways, this effort remains core to Fintech Sandbox a decade later. We are trusted advocates for startups and institutions.
  • A New Era: Fintech Sandbox recognizes the next inflection point for innovation is already here and is data-driven. We seek to be the center of gravity for meaningful thought leadership and education on what is coming next in data and its impact on emerging technologies, innovation, and the industry.
  • A Call to Action: Fintech Sandbox seeks to foster a collaborative, global community committed to leveraging the power of data and technology to build a resilient and inclusive financial services system.

Build Without Barriers

Fintech Sandbox provides a leg-up for entrepreneurs around the world by providing free access to critical data and resources in order to build their early-stage fintech products through our Data Access Residency.

As an industry-backed nonprofit, we empower fintech entrepreneurs around the globe and foster a strong fintech community.

We Believe:


Data is the fuel of innovation


In the power of fintech to solve global problems


Building a thriving future means building a resilient global financial system


In building a strong global fintech community


Data must be transparent, accessible, high quality, and representative


Accessible & inclusive entrepreneurship is critical to creating sustaining innovation

Good Data Is Expensive

Especially for an early-stage entrepreneur just getting off the ground, expensive datasets needed to build and test a product can drain cash quickly. That can mean the difference between getting to market and closing up shop.

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Our Impact



Global portfolio of startups in the Data Access Residency



Estimated total savings in data & infrastructure costs for startups onboarded each year



Still in business or acquired



Capital raised post-Fintech Sandbox Residency

About The Program


No equity. No fees.

Participating startups pay no fees, and no equity is taken. Fintech Sandbox residents, in return, are expected to Give Back by collaborating with each other, sharing learnings and advancements that benefit each other and the fintech ecosystem.



Financial innovation is needed around the world and game-changing solutions can come from anywhere. Fintech Sandbox supports early-stage startups globally. 25% of our portfolio is based outside of the US.


Not just capital markets data

News, consumer transactions, credit, weather, employment & income, ESG. Structured and unstructured. We’re constantly adding new datasets and data partners to our Data Access Residency to match the most critical data needed today.

Data Access Residency

Fintech Sandbox’s Data Access Residency provides well-qualified, stringently vetted, early-stage firms from around the world with six months of free access to premium datasets from over 40 top data providers.


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