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More than 40 data providers already make their datasets available at no cost to startups in our Data Access Residency, giving them access to innovative use cases for their products and building early business development relationships.

Why offer free access to your datasets?

Data Partners Reap Multiple Benefits.

Get valuable feedback from leading-edge developers. Build early and lasting relationships with the unicorns of tomorrow. Discover innovative new uses for your products.


Fuel Further Advances in Fintech

The entire ecosystem benefits from having startups bring new ideas to working with data. It can lead to unexpected innovations and create a virtuous cycle.


Enhance Your Brand’s Visibility

Making your proprietary datasets available to Fintech Sandbox residents makes your brand more recognizable and demonstrates your commitment to the global fintech ecosystem.


Discover New Use Cases For Your Datasets

Our startups are building cutting-edge technology and coming up with innovative new ways for data to be used. See first-hand other unique ways your products could be used. Startups approaching a dataset with fresh eyes can discover useful insights and new use cases. You may discover that some datasets are not being fully utilized or properly monetized.


Get to Know New Clients Early

By allowing our startups to experiment with and use your datasets early, it creates early relationships and interest for potential long-term customers. It can pay to get to know them early.


Let Fintech Sandbox Screen Startups for You

Startups are already asking you for data. But they don’t know which door to go in so they try them all. As a data partner, you can rely on Fintech Sandbox to screen the startups interested in your datasets and refer only the most qualified.


You Maintain Control of Your Data

Your data can only be used for product development purposes and cannot be resold without your permission. Many data partners subsequently form commercial partnerships with Data Access Residents.

See who’s already making data available to startups on the cutting edge of fintech innovation.

Don’t be left out - Join the more than 40 data providers already making their products available via Fintech Sandbox.

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Becoming a Data Partner typically means offering an average of 6-months of free trial access to startups in our program. Learn more about how to join our Data Partner network.

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