Apr 03, 2024

The New Look

This summer marks ten years since Fintech Sandbox was incorporated, and what a decade it’s been! We were started in 2014 by a group of fintech entrepreneurs and investors whose goal was to reduce the barriers early-stage entrepreneurs face and extend their runways through free data access.

While much has changed in the industry and the world over the past ten years, this effort still remains core to Fintech Sandbox a decade later. Our mission is to advance financial innovation and lower barriers for early-stage startups, by providing free access to data and educational resources for promising fintech entrepreneurs from around the world who are building the future of financial innovation.

Ten years in, Fintech Sandbox residents have built hundreds of new products and services, created thousands of jobs, and attained billions in funding. Fintech Sandbox has become a center of gravity and connector for the fintech community.

We’re incredibly proud to say that participating in our Data Access Residency has helped extend the runway for more than 350 startups. They’ve come from near and far, from nearly every continent (except Australia and Antarctica – we’re working on it!). They’ve focused on every corner of fintech and financial services and built on the latest technologies.

We’ve been able to make an ever-expanding range of datasets available to promising startups thanks to our 40+ Data Partners. And with the help of our generous sponsors, we’ve been able to remain focused on the singular goal of advancing fintech by supporting entrepreneurs who are working on the next big thing. Our partners collaborate with us to bring meaningful insights on what is coming next in data and its impact on emerging technologies, innovation, and the industry.

That’s not even to mention the thousands and thousands within our global community. Or the wonderful events we organize and host throughout the year, from Demo Day to Boston Fintech Week.

To the surprise of many, we do all this with a small but incredibly mighty team, who know how to deliver a global impact.

Now, after ten years, Fintech Sandbox recognizes the next inflection point for innovation is already here and is data-driven. We’re excited to usher in this new era and our anniversary by revealing our new look and new website.


We are refreshing our visual identity to give it a more modern feel. We started by updating our logo, which the sharp-eyed among you might recognize contains elements of the original design. Yes, that’s lapis lazuli. We’ll use jade, diamond, and amethyst (and others) to enliven our color palette, too. Our primary typeface is Stolzl — strong, modern, friendly — and, we hope — approachable. This new visual identity is a reflection of who we are and the way we go about supporting both entrepreneurs and industry leading brands who are working to modernize financial services.

We designed this new website to be welcoming and we believe the clarity of the new copy reflects well on our brand. And you can’t see it, but the new back-end makes the site much easier to update too.

New Fintech Sandbox Home Page

What isn’t changing is our mission. We’re here to advance innovation globally by removing barriers faced by fintech startups and by supporting the innovative entrepreneurs who make them happen.

We often say that people come to us for the data, but they stay for the supportive community. Please consider joining us, if you haven’t already.


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