Feb 29, 2024

The New Faces of Fintech — Featuring DAIZY

While we may not know exactly how fintech will impact our future, we have an idea as to who will be leading the charge. In the next installments of our ongoing blog series, “The New Faces of Fintech”, we will spotlight some of the emerging leaders in the fintech world to get their thoughts on what the future of the industry will look like.

Their origin stories are different, their paths to entrepreneurship are unique, but their impacts on their respective industries are significant. No one truly knows what the future of fintech holds, but these industry leaders may have an inkling as to what we can expect.

Our next guest is Deborah Yang, CEO & Co-Founder of DAIZY. DAIZY Scribe (currently in private beta) allows you to generate personalized financial content in seconds with compliant data, real-time calculations, and dynamic infographics and do so at scale. Deborah is based in Paris.

Deborah Yang, CEO of DAIZY, is featured in New Faces of Fintech

Deborah, tell us a little bit about your background. What were you working on before founding this company?

Before DAIZY, I was Global Head of Sustainable Indexes at MSCI, leading high-growth franchises including factor indexes, EMEA index, and Asia regions across 18 years. I am also the Co-President of Women in ETFs EMEA.

Tell us a bit about your company? What’s the problem you’re solving?

DAIZY combines compliant financial data, real-time calculation engines, and large language models (LLMs) to bring generative AI solutions to the financial services industry. We enable financial insights and communications production with unprecedented scale, authority, efficiency, and customization.

What’s the origin story behind your company? How and why did you come up with the idea?

We fundamentally believe that the wealth management and broader financial services industry is suffering the consequences of legacy technology and disparate data. The time for firms to make a technological leap is now, and with the adoption of AI there will be massive change and disruption in the industry.

Start-ups are all about the team. Working with Jonty Hurwitz, a veteran tech-founder with a track record including the unicorn FinTech company, Wonga, has been amazing because he is always 10 steps ahead of everyone else in dreaming up “the art of the possible”. We also brought on Jim Wiandt, the visionary behind ETF.com and InsideETFs, because of his deep ties in the wealth and financial services industry. We have the best of the best from seasoned leaders, and we will need to continue to attract the next generation of builders. Together, we have a lot of ideas and potential, but right now we’re laser focused on scalable product-market fit for DAIZY Scribe — our first B2B platform for asset and wealth management firms.

What milestones has your company achieved so far?

We launched our B2B platform beta, DAIZY Scribe, in December 2023.

Immediately after launch, we started running implementations with leading asset management firms and platforms.

We were one of the first investment providers with a plug-in live in the OpenAI plug-in store, seeing huge numbers of queries coming from users.

We have built a team of genuine industry leaders in our business to oversee client implementations and will continue to build to remain agile in this evolving industry.

Can you describe what it’s been like to be part of the Fintech Sandbox community?

As a recent addition to Fintech Sandbox, we’ve already found the experience beneficial. We’ve been impressed with the speed of being able to arrange meetings with partners and the quality of people.

Access to reliable, high-quality data is crucial for the industry. Especially with the widespread concern of ‘hallucinations’ by large language models, we are committed to only using best-in-class data. For financial services firms, trust and accuracy are paramount.

What’s next for your company?

We are highly focused on deepening our scalable product-market fit by adding more Skills for DAIZY Scribe. Our implementations enable us to stay closely aligned with clients’ usage and make direct ties to the amplification of their human capital and revenue growth.

What is some of the best advice you’ve received as a startup founder?

Marc Andreesen famously believes that “only” product-market-fit matters. Though it’s a great point, the question is, how do you get there?

For us, we’re focused on three key areas: 1) building a world-class team by hiring the best talent and ensuring they are agile, 2) listening proactively to clients’ needs and pain points and constantly asking questions, and 3) combining 1 + 2 into a product that adds undeniable value to our clients’ businesses.

We believe we have those pieces at DAIZY, and we know we need to continually prove that. To solve the investing industry’s most daunting problems, first we must earn and maintain our clients’ trust. It’s the only way to bring AI solutions to our industry and generate the ROI we know we can for our clients.

What fintech trends are you most excited about right now?

AI in fintech has captured the industry’s imagination. The adoption of AI in wealth and financial services industry will revolutionize the industry in a way that I have not witnessed in my 25 years in financial services. It will be a step function transformation that will quickly separate the winners and the losers in the space because of the opportunity for massive productivity gains.

Are you hiring?

We anticipate the need for product builders, developers, and client-facing teams as we manage increasing customer demand for our AI solutions.

We’re thrilled to feature some of the incredible entrepreneurs who are participating in our Data Access Residency. If you are aware of any fintech entrepreneurs with an early stage company who could benefit from free access to data, cloud hosting, and a supportive community, please have them visit our website to learn more.

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Deborah Yang, CEO of DAIZY, is featured in New Faces of Fintech

The New Faces of Fintech — Featuring DAIZY

While we may not know exactly how fintech will impact our future, we have an idea as to who will be leading the charge. In...

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