TRaiCE Inc.

Business lending institutions take on business entities’ credit and market risk. Their exposure is measured and monitored using financial data, which is a lagging indicator of risk because such financial data is provided at best on a monthly or quarterly basis, and more likely on an annual basis. Many leading digital indicators of business distress are barely analyzed let alone monitored, which leaves a massive hole in the proactive and holistic evaluation of the ongoing risk profiles of businesses in their portfolios.
A comprehensive analysis of business profiles, that leverages financial and non-financial data along with automated 24×7 monitoring, can enable lenders to detect and mitigate risk months in advance.
TRaiCE is an automated platform leveraging AI/ML & NLP to help lenders objectively analyze the future risk of all the businesses they have taken exposure by computing a 24×7 digital risk index from the digital footprint of a business (news, social media), and a daily early warning risk index by combining financial metrics with this digital risk index.
Automating the early warning risk alerts along with red flags is of great interest to every lender as there are no solutions out of the box that provides this today unless they have a custom implementation leveraging multiple data sources.
TRaiCE provides a much better measure of risk and early warning of possible defaults by analyzing the digital footprint of a company using big data from news and social media leveraging AI/ML and NLP. TRaiCE quantifies the digital footprint into an easy-to-visualize Business Sentiment Index (BSI) that enables lenders and investors to see and monitor their exposure. A comprehensive analysis of business profiles, that leverages both financial and digital data along with automated daily monitoring, can enable financiers to detect and mitigate risk months in advance. We have pioneered a way to objectively combine qualitative data with quantitative data, and that is our core IP. From all the alternative data (digital footprint) on a business, we have created a quantitative digital risk index (the Business Sentiment Index – BSI). This can be accessed as a SaaS application or via APIs.
– Early problem recognition to reduce credit losses
– Improved regulatory compliance with robust exposure monitoring
– Provides actionable metrics for underwriters when labeled data is insufficient
– APIs enable easy workflow integrations to automate decisions for lenders
– Easy integration with vertical SaaS/embedded finance solutions

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