Peracton’s mission is to develop an innovative investment and trading platform, by exploiting advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to build, improve, test and execute complex investment and trading algorithms. Full automation and AI enhanced technologies are imperative since the human brain, excel spreadsheet and fixed constraints models can’t handle the financial data volumes and volatility of the markets. Our solution will identify market patterns and provide faster trading cycles resulting in lower technical support costs for investment managers seeking Alpha for their fund performance. Also, our solution will allow asset managers to focus on successful investment and trading strategies vs. tactical operations saving time, money and resources.

Eliminating human errors, biases and emotional reactions is at the core of this initiative. However, when combining innovative AI and non-AI technologies, thorough tests must be conducted to ensure proper performance before going live. Therefore, the platform will also include two environments: back-testing and live execution. Initially, the financial algorithms will be designed, AI enhanced and run within the back-testing environment. Once the algorithms’ behaviors are validated from a risk, ethical (ESG investment) and performance point of view they will go live within the execution environment. Overall, the platform will ensure continuous live execution of multiple financial algorithms while being monitored by financial experts.

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