Auquan is a high growth data science company operating in the fintech space and based in London, UK. A graduate of Techstars 2018, Auquan closed its seed round in early 2019 with a plan to become the data science platform for the finance industry. 

Currently, they serve London’s institutional investors with data science and machine learning solutions to their investment problems. Auquan does this by turbocharging their in-house data science team with solutions from their global community of over 13,000 data scientists. These data scientists come from a wide range of backgrounds, including both the professional world (e.g. google and uber) and academia (MIT and Oxford). Solutions are sourced via their competition platform and then combined and developed in-house into a deployable solution for the client. Clients have included: Optiver, Neuberger Berman and an undisclosed European asset manager with over 500B assets under management. Data Science talent is hard to recruit and retain – starting/expanding internal teams is expensive and time consuming. We enable clients to inexpensively and effortlessly harness the full power of data science, without needing a world class team. Compared to a single inhouse resource, clients benefit from solutions that combine the intelligence of world’s leading data scientists. In addition, clients can scale our service dynamically to meet their changing needs, eliminating the need for large, costly data science operations.

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