Company Description –
Tiingo is an award-winning financial analytics and data platform that powers thousands of asset managers, technology firms, and individuals across the globe. Unique in its position as both a consumer of its data and distributer, Tiingo is trusted by firms across the industry for its clean and unique datasets, which are engineered for the discovery of new alpha sources. We specialize in datasets used by traders, institutions, and financial technology firms who wish to display financial data feeds on their platforms.

Product Description –

Tiingo News Feed
Tiingo’s News Feed covers 20 million articles and over two decades worth of news. The feed structures content based on assets mentioned (Equities, Crypto, FX) as well as topics and tags. In addition to standard financial news outlets, our feed focuses on unstructured information sources, such as art blogs, tech publications, niche farming publications, healthcare trade magazines, and other trade-specific content. Tiingo’s News feeds do not exclusively rely on ticker-based identification, as they also tag based on slang, company mentions, and product mentions, which produces a richer feed. This helps users discover new sources of alpha, perform due diligence, and glean the sentiment from a wide variety of content. Our news feed clients include client-facing analytics applications, risk management systems, hedge funds, social media companies, and sentiment tracking firms.

Tiingo End-of-Day Equity & ETF Prices
Tiingo’s End-of-Day prices cover 32,000 U.S, and Chinese equities listed across all U.S. exchanges (including OTC Group) and Chinese exchanges. Prices undergo a rigorous data cleaning operation that combines multiple feeds to provide redundancy and capture any missing corporate actions, splits, distributions, etc. Pricing history dates back 50+ years to 1962 for U.S. equities, including both adjusted and unadjusted prices.

Tiingo Intraday Real-Time Data
Tiingo utilizes its direct connection to the IEX exchange to produce a low-latency translated binary feed for our customers. Additionally, Tiingo enriches IEX data to produce more frequent ticks, which also results in more intraday coverage than the IEX Exchange. Because IEX rests at the core of the engine, you do not have to pay any exchange licensing fees for intraday real-time data. Historical intraday data dates back to 2016, and historical tick data is available upon request.

Tiingo Mutual Fund NAVs
Tiingo covers NAVs for 33,000 U.S. Mutual Funds and CEFs. Data incudes distributions and Mutual Fund split data. Mutual Fund NAVs go through a rigorous data cleaning operation that combines multiple feeds to provide redundancy and collect any missing splits, distributions, etc. NAV history goes back to the 1970s and includes both adjusted and unadjusted NAVs.

Tiingo Mutual Fund Fee Data
Tiingo includes detailed Mutual Fund and ETF fee data for 34,000 tickers. Fee data includes: net expense ratio, gross expense ratio, marketing (12b-1) fees, distribution fees, other fund expenses, acquired fund fees, front-end load fees, back-end load fees, reinvested dividend load fees, redemption fees, account fees, exchange fees, other shareholder fees, and custom account fees related to the fund. Data is updated to reflect the latest changes to fee data.

Tiingo End-of-Day Crypto & Intraday Data
Tiingo Crypto API contains a live intraday and end-of-day price timeseries for over 4,100 native crypto tickers. Additionally, the API handles crypto conversions from any base currency to any quote currency, including alt coin to alt coin conversions. Historical intraday data bars, end-of-day data, and tick data is available across 12 exchanges.

Tiingo Forex Data
Tiingo Forex Data is the first forex feed available to FinTech firms that connects to a variety of large banks, giving unprecedented access to institutional liquidity with liberal redistribution licenses for Tiingo clients.


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