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S&P Global Market Intelligence, a division of S&P Global (NYSE: SPGI), is a leading provider of financial and industry data, research, news and analytics to investment professionals, government agencies, corporations, and universities worldwide. Additionally, we have been proud data partners to several FinTech Sandbox startups.

In 2022, S&P Global Market Intelligence and IHS Markit’s Financial Services division united to become your single data source for the detailed information on the companies, industries and markets that matter to you — delivered when and how you need it.

As a Fintech Sandbox member, you are eligible for trial access to the collection of datasets showcased below at no cost for a period of up to 6 months, subject to approval from our Commercial team. To explore, visualize and download samples of our premium fundamental and alternative datasets, including the ones featured below, please visit: https://www.marketplace.spglobal.com/. Let us help you reach your goals. The following data sets are available and can be customized to your sprecific needs.

*All trial requests are subject to approval from our Commercial team and are subject to our standard terms and conditions.

Company Information

Available data sets

S&P Capital IQ Financials

S&P Capital IQ Financials provides global standardized financial statement data for over 150,000 companies, including over 95,000 active and inactive public companies.

S&P Capital IQ Financials allows you to extend the scope of your historical analysis and backtesting models with consistently standardized data from all filings of a company’s historical financial periods including press releases, original filings, and all restatements.
S&P Capital IQ Financials includes:

  • Over 5,000 standardized financial, supplemental, segment, ratio, and industry-specific data items on an annual, quarterly, semi-annual, last twelve month and year-to-date basis
  • Detailed debt and equity capital structure data
  • Historical annual and interim data available as far back as 1985 for certain datasets and geographies with significant coverage from 1993
  • Financial instance date providing the date and time data was first delivered
  • Unconsolidated data for publicly traded Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, Japanese, and OTC traded Chinese entities

S&P Capital IQ Estimates

The S&P Capital IQ Estimates dataset is the most comprehensive global estimates based on projections, models, analysis and research. This dataset can be used to evaluate earnings estimates to select stocks and manage investment performance and to track the direction and magnitude of upgrades and downgrades and more.

Available as Global, International or North American company packages, this dataset includes:

  • Consensus Estimates: Aggregate analyst estimates for public companies
  • Detail Estimates: Historical and current estimates for specific trading items or companies
  • Company Guidance: A public company’s estimates on its own future profit or loss
  • Analyst Coverage: Public companies brokers and analysts were providing estimates on at any point in time
  • Consensus Analysis: Estimated growth rates and estimate surprise calculations
  • Estimate Revisions: Upward and downward changes of broker estimates
  • Industry Estimates: Industry specific operating forecasts for Banking, Insurance and REITs

Machine Readable Transcripts

The Machine Readable Transcripts datasets aggregates data from earnings calls delivered in a machine-readable format for Natural Language Processing (NLP) applications with metadata tagging.

Leverage Machine Readable Transcripts to keep track of event information for specific companies including dates, times, dial-in and replay numbers and investor relations contact information. Easily combine data from earnings, M&A, guidance, shareholder, company conference presentations and special calls with traditional datasets to develop proprietary analytics. You can rely on:

  •  Seamless link between the Speaker ID to the S&P Global Estimates and Professionals database to help identify sell-side analysts’ revisions.
  • Intraday updates via a feed or streaming XML messages for details on calls scheduled for transcription.
  • 11,000+ entities under coverage with history going back up to 2004.
  • The dataset leverages the power of Kensho NERD to identify company names and aliases mentioned during earnings calls and specifies the mention location in the transcript.

Business Relationships

Understand how a company is positioned in a competitive environment, with data on inter-company dependencies, upstream suppliers, downstream distributors and customers.

  • Utilize robust coverage including 22 relationship types for global public and private companies.
  • Implement data sourced from SEC Filings, SEDAR Filings, English Glossy Annual Reports, News and Surveys.

Company Intelligence

The Company Intelligence dataset contains a robust offering of qualitative data including a time series of company auditors, competitors information, alternate and foreign language company names, key documents and filings, alternate address information, and more. The dataset can be used in conjunction with S&P Capital IQ Fundamentals or Compustat to provide additional company insight for competitive analysis.

This dataset provides:

  • Short single paragraph description and long, detailed profile descriptions for companies
  • All known competitors a company currently has, including the source of where the competitor was identified
  • Additional company business addresses globally, including the headquarters address
  • The history of financial auditors a company has used for their annual financial reports
  •  Alternate names a company might be commonly identified as (e.g., Hewlett-Packard Company is commonly known as HP), inclusive of all known historical names if the company’s name has changed over time
  • A listing of all known current (and prior) products or services
  • Granular taxonomy to gain more insights into a company’s operation

Company Relationships

The S&P Company Relationships package is a global database of over 2.5 million company relationships that exist between companies in the S&P universe. Relationship types include acquisitions, investments, investment arms, lenders, affiliates, index providers, and more.

  • Explore relationships types including current, prior, pending and cancelled acquisitions, investments, investment arms, lenders, affiliates, index providers.
  • Leverage the provided parent child relationship, relationship type, percentage ownership and the nominal value of the total investment.
  • Use to build a corporate family tree, determine the ultimate parent of a company, identify private equity sponsors, find current and prior investors in a company, and for many other uses.
  • Implement historical coverage for prior company relationships dating back to 2000.

Global Events

The Events dataset provides details on upcoming and past corporate events such as earnings calls, shareholder/analyst meetings, expected earnings release dates and more. With deep history back to 2003, clients can leverage this dataset to derive signals and support trading models across asset classes, trading styles and frequencies. This dataset also helps in research & analysis, risk management & compliance, and trade surveillance workflows.

Some of the key features of the Events dataset include:

  • Collection of 1000+ Events dail
  • Delivery of the data to users on intraday basis
  • Dataset collection from over 20,000 news sources
  • Addition of historical event along with the future events

Key Developments

The Key Development dataset provides structured summaries of material news and events that may impact the market value of securities. With deep history back to 2003, clients can leverage this dataset to derive signals and support trading models across asset classes, trading styles and frequencies. This dataset also helps in research & analysis, risk management & compliance, and trade surveillance workflows.

Some of the key features of the Key Development dataset include:

  • Collection of 2000+ key developments daily
  • Event types that include Dividends, M&A, buybacks, public offerings, management changes, Debt defaults, Dividend Cancellations, Regulatory
  • Agency Inquiries and more
  • Dataset collection from over 20,000 news sources
  • Extensive coverage for public and private companies worldwide


Access the S&P Capital IQ Professional dataset to profile professionals with current and prior board/company and research affiliations biographies, and explore standardized job functions, titles, education, compensation, options holdings, and full committee memberships.

Implement the S&P Capital IQ Professional data to gain insight on an individual’s career history and professional relationships with current and prior information integrated into profiles of public and private company executives, board members, and investment professionals, globally.

This dataset includes:

  • Individual profiles with biography, contact data, education, compensation, affiliations, and corporate board membership information.
  • Job titles to identify key decision makers
  • More than 4.5 million professionals, with compensation history going back to 1992


​The Transactions dataset provides the entire lifecycle of primary and secondary market business transactions, across public offerings, private placements, mergers & acquisitions, buybacks/repurchase, corporate restructuring, bankruptcies, spin-offs and split-offs. The transactions database covers more than two million high quality transactions across the globe, providing you with essential intelligence to identify new opportunities, assess potential deals, perform deal comparisons, and maximize exit strategies.

You can leverage the Transactions dataset to confirm a private company’s pre- and post-money valuation, use the valuation details of a M&A transactions for a merger arbitrage model or get details on stock repurchased in a particular period.

With a global coverage of approximately 2 million transactions, collected within 24 hours of disclosure, use this dataset to get information on:

  • M&A Deal Size, Termination Fee, Target Premium, Ratios, Advisors
  • Buyback Size, remaining authorization number of shares
  • Public Offerings Pre- and post-IPO ownership, Overallotment, Lock Up
  • Rounds of Funding Deal Size, Pre/Post-Money Valuation, Round Type


The Ownership dataset provides detailed institutional, mutual fund and insiders/individuals equity share ownership data for public companies along with public float shares, buys and sells of Insiders and major shareholders. In addition you can access deep insights into portfolio data on investments for Institutions and Funds. This dataset can be used to track market momentum and identify the frequency by which assets within a fund are bought and sold.


FactSet Ownership provides global summary and detailed institutional, mutual fund, insider/stakeholder, and float-related share ownership information for equities worldwide. Investigate share ownership from both the company and holder perspective. Access details such as position, position change, market value, percent of portfolio and shares outstanding, source, metro region, state, style, and turnover.

CDS Pricing

The CDS Pricing dataset, originated from IHS Markit, provides independent pricing and liquidity metrics on CDS single names, indices, tranches, options and sector curves, the most extensive source of Credit Default Swap data available on the market.

Widely used for price discovery, risk management, compliance, production of research signals, investment factors, research and valuations requirements with independent pricing and liquidity metrics on CDS single names, indices, options, tranches and sector curves. Find live, intraday, same-day and end-of-day price updates, driven by over 4M+ data points from all market makers in the form of official books of record, live quotes and clearing submissions.

This dataset includes:

  •  Streaming, daily and end of day prices
  • Full global coverage
  • Liquidity metrics
  • History back to 2001

Fixed Income Pricing

The Fixed Income Pricing & Liquidity dataset, originated from IHS Markit, provides intra-day/end-of-day pricing on 2.3+ million sovereign, supranational, agency and corporate, securitized products and US municipal bonds. Before applying our proprietary algorithm, the market data is consumed and validated from various sources to create an evaluated price. The pricing process is driven by high-quality input data, award-winning reference data and sophisticated relative value models.

This pricing service also includes a fair value service that helps meeting regulatory and compliance requirements by providing daily fair value adjustment factors and prices for over 150,000 equity and fixed income securities. The service is driven by sophisticated categorization, multi-scenario pricing processes, models, and inputs that mirror widely accepted buy-side and sell-side techniques. Cutting edge methodology uses the correlation between individual security prices and over 70 market, regional, sector and entity specific factors to calculate the best estimate of a security’s price outside of active trading hours.

This dataset includes:

  • Daily Intra-day data and End of Day Pricing & Liquidity
  • Analytics and metadata on pricing to assist with regulatory needs
  • Aggregated daily settlement information on bonds from Euroclear
  • Out of market hour prices (Fair value service)
  • Issuer & Sector curves
  • History back to 2011

Loan Pricing

The Loan Pricing dataset, originated from IHS Markit, provides independent bid-offer pricing, analytics, and liquidity measures for over 6,700 leveraged loan facilities worldwide as well as mapping from over 300,000 industry identifiers.

Built based on contributor-based loan pricing engines and sophisticated parsing technology, you can use this dataset to market, manage risk, and support trading decisions and idea generation for your portfolio.

This dataset includes:

  • Independent and transparent pricing for more than 6,700 leveraged loan facilities
  • Liquidity metrics, such as the number of dealers quoting, with the size and the average size quoted
  • 10+ years of price history

OTC Derivatives

The OTC Derivatives dataset, originated from IHS Markit, is derived with inputs from multiple sources, including 60+ market makers, banks, major interdealer brokers and 30+ exchanges. This robust data collection and organization provides valuable insights to value almost any derivative instrument, from vanilla to exotics across all asset classes.

Leverage OTC Derivatives data to meet changing regulatory demands, whether it’s front, middle and back-office, supporting trading, research, valuation, independent price verification, market risk, regulatory reporting and compliance requirements for institutions globally. Extensive cross asset coverage extends to less liquid, longer dated and out-of-the-money products to provide comprehensive market insight.

This dataset includes:

  • Yield Interest Rates Swaps Curves (including inflation)
  • Spots and Forward Curves (EQ, FX, Commodities)
  • Implied Volatility Surfaces (EQ, IR, FX, PM Commodities)
  • Implied Correlation (CMS Spread Option, EQ-EQ, EQ-FX)
  • Daily End of Day and Intra-day data
  • History back to 2007

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