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Sharadar is an independent research and analytics firm founded in 2013. Sharadar specializes in extraction, standardization and organization of financial data from company filings. We combine people, software and rigorous review processes to generate accurate, professional grade data for professional investors and analysts.


Leading Provider of stock market data and research solutions for online brokerages, clearing firms, banks, media portals, public companies, and financial service corporations.

Zacks Investment Research

Zacks Investment Research has been a leading authority on North American earnings estimates since 1979. Zacks data is trusted by almost all major financial data and media companies including Bloomberg, CapitalIQ, Morningstar, the Wall Street Journal, Nasdaq, USAToday, ShareBuilder, AOL, MSN and more.

Stevens Analytics

Stevens Analytics uses industry-leading technology, robust process control, and decades of financial markets expertise to create comprehensive, accurate and timely databases for sale at a price far below other data vendors.


OptionWorks® Research is produced by The Applied Research Company, a registered Commodity Trading Advisor and member of the US National Futures Association. It is the product of more than 20 years of research and development in option pricing and modeling. The ARC’s consulting clients include exchanges, brokers, proprietary trading firms, and software vendors. Thousands of traders worldwide use ARC-designed products daily.


Quantcha is a financial software and services company focused on equity and option investing. In addition to data feeds, Quantcha provides a suite of tools for searching, filtering, and analyzing stock market investments.


DataYes is a fast-growing financial information management and investment management services company. It is led by a group of experts in the fields of finance and leading edge computer technology. Using Big Data, Cloud and Mobile Computing, DataYes provides investors with an innovative first-class platform for global financial services. Currently DataYes has over 200 employees in Shanghai headquarter and San Jose offices and is serving more than 150 institutional clients in China.

Borrell Associates

Borrell works with more than 700 media properties, Internet “pure-play” companies, investment analysts, and industry vendors. This work focuses on helping companies understand and capitalize on the evolving media landscape, and to grow revenues exponentially rather than incrementally. Borrell’s employees and analysts have worked in pure-play Internet companies, run retail businesses, managed new media divisions for large companies, and sold local advertising. They have hands-on experience that provides an understanding of the business that other consultants rarely offer. Borrell tracks and forecasts advertising, promotions, and digital services spending across all business types for all U.S. market definitions.


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