Kaleidoscope is a product of Memterra LLC, founded in 2017, and launched in September 2019.  In 2001, our team disrupted the market by launching 10-K Wizard, which quickly became the “gold standard” for easy and affordable SEC research.  Today, with our powerful yet easy-to-use research tools, we serve a wide variety of industries and people with varying research skills. The results deliver an instant understanding of the underlying data via graphs and charts that succinctly summarize your research. We listen to clients and integrate their ideas into our overall “roadmap”.


Fast, Easy & Authoritative
Our API empowers you to easily search, aggregate, and retrieve information from our vast content repositories. With our powerful and intuitive RESTful interface, you can seamlessly integrate our data into your applications and workflows. We take pride in providing a fast and reliable API that’s easy to use.

Company Information

Available data sets
SEC Filings API

For the most comprehensive collection of all electronic SEC filing types for all public companies, funds and investment management companies. from 1994 to present, even those no longer listed or dissolved.

Looking for more obscure filings for utilities, municipal advisors, transfer agents, or broker-dealers?  Also included in the complete raw filings data set are obsolete filing types from 1994 to present. Kaleidoscope has them all.

Exhibits APIs

The devil is in the details and the exhibits contain all the details for governance, mergers, agreements and contracts that are material to the company’s bottom line. The Exhibits API provides granular access to all exhibits by number.

Agreements API

Kaleidoscope has created a subset of the exhibits which contain only agreements and contracts from exhibits numbers 1, 2, 4 and 10 which contain the agreements that are “material” to an issuer’s bottom line.

Kaleidoscope’s API offers the ability to either filter by exhibit number or full text search just the Agreements filed with any SEC filing.

SEC Filings Sections API

For any section of a 10-K, 10-Q, 8-K or 20-F, Kaleidoscope’s API offers the flexibility to download, extract and/or full text search specific sections of the filing. For instance, 10-Ks are comprised of 4 major parts containing items 1-16.

Risk Factors API

Due to the increasing emphasis on risk, Kaleidoscope created a database of risk factors extracted from the annual and quarterly reports of domestic issuers and annual reports of non-Canadian foreign private issuers. Forms 10-K, 10-Q and 20-F). The API allows for several filters that enable accuracy and high-quality results. The API delivers extracted risk factor section providing the heading and the accompanying descriptive details.

Compensation APIs

Kaleidoscope offers two Compensation APIs, each delivering standardized compensation data for all key executives or directors as reported in SEC filing DEF 14A. The API covers compensation data reported since 2008 and is updated in real-time.

SEDAR API (Canada)

SEDAR is an acronym for the System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval (SEDAR), Canada’s electronic filing system that allows Canadian listed companies to report their securities-related information with the authorities concerned with securities regulation in Canada’s jurisdictions. SEDAR was established as mandatory by the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) in 1997. SEDAR is the Canadian equivalent of the SEC’s EDGAR, the U.S. electronic system for filing securities information.

SEC Rules, Litigation and Enforcement APIs

No company wants to be blindsided by new rules and regulations or enforcement letters from the SEC. Vital to understanding disclosure requirements is keeping current with proposed rules and final rules, as well as understanding the position the SEC is taking on specific matters such as climate change and other newer regulations on the horizon. Kaleidoscope’s API for SEC rules, litigation, releases and enforcement provide a well-rounded picture of the changing regulatory landscape and the consequences of non-compliance.

No Action Letters API

This regulatory information Includes a dataset of no action letters, interpretive and exemptive releases sent to the SEC issuer recommending no legal action be taken against the issuer, although the situation may not be entirely following SEC regulations. These often set a precedent for other potential legal or enforcement actions.

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