FinMason is a Boston-based financial technology firm on a mission to make robust, institutional-grade investment analytics a commodity. FinMason’s team of PhDs, economists, data scientists, engineers, and seasoned Wall Street veterans have harnessed the power of new technology platforms to deliver institutional-grade analytics at scale. They perform 700+ different analyses on virtually every publicly traded asset in the world and make the results available to you via FinRiver™, an easy-to-use suite of APIs. Analytics span the areas of security analysis, portfolio analysis, performance attribution, scenario analysis, stress testing, factor analysis, Monte Carlo, expected return, index analysis, risk tolerance, alignment, compliance metrics, custom indexes, and more. FinMason’s Advisor Solutions business has three main products:

  • FinRiverTM (available through the Sandbox) provides financial technology platforms with robust analytics and proprietary data sets via lightning-fast APIs;
  • FinScopeTM provides compliance teams with a way to screen through each client portfolio every night with robust analytics to detect problems before they become problems.

Unlike many analytical APIs, we can return analytics at the portfolio level, not just the security level. This means you can rapidly develop your new product without having to code a massive analytical infrastructure.

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FinRiverTM | Level the Playing Field

FinTech Sandbox gives start-ups access to FinRiver, a suite of APIs that give you full access to one of the world’s largest independent investment analytics platforms. 700+ analytical outputs on virtually all publicly traded assets globally. You are now on even ground with the big guys.

Easy APIs

With one simple API call, get virtually all the analyses you and your prospects could want – at both the portfolio and the position level – anywhere in your product you want with just a few keystrokes.

Slow = Death

We handle all the data-wrangling and portfolio calculations. You are free to focus on rapid prototyping, design, MVP and solving real consumer problems.
Totally Free. No Equity.

Get access to our APIs for up to a year for free while you build your product. We take no equity. Just promise us you are out there to help investors.

FinRiver for Salesforce

FinRiver for Salesforce is a revolutionary app that allows you to import robust investment and portfolio analytics to any field in your Salesforce org with a simple mapping screen. Turn Salesforce into a powerful analytics platform to produce informative charts, perform firm-wide compliance screens, analyze risk, construct portfolios, produce client reports, create custom fund information sheets, and more.

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