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FINANCIAL INFORMATION INC. (FII) is the leading global provider of North American corporate actions and historical securities reference services. FII’s clients consist of banking and brokerage firms, accounting and law offices, government agencies, college and public libraries, and private investors.

FII offers clients real-time, accurate and comprehensive data products, delivered in high-speed, customized methods. FII Online and our Data Service provides our clients with efficient, cost saving solutions to their data needs.

Company Information

Available data sets

Financial Stock Guide Service

Reports on US and Canadian Securities (Publicly traded Preferred, Common, ETF’s, Mutual Funds, ADR’s, GDR’s & SBI’s); 25,000 Active Securities; 125,000 Obsolete Securities; 2,500,000 Trackable Securities; Full Security Description; CUSIP®; State, Province or Country of Incorporation; Class of Stock; Par Value; Transfer Agent; Transfer Charge; Dividend Disbursing Agent; Summary of Capital Changes; Summary of Stock Dividends; Bankruptcy; Corporate Charter Cancellations; Mergers; Name Changes; Reorganizations; Redemptions; Spin-offs; Liquidations; Trust Terminations, and more.

Financial Bond Guide Service

Reports on 75,000 US and Canadian Bonds; Corporate & Municipal Bonds; Full Security Description; CUSIP®; State (or Province) of Incorporation; Name Changes; Rate and Maturity; Interest Payment Frequencies & Dates; Transfer & Forwarding Agents; Trustee, and more.

End-of-Life File (ELF) Service

ELF enables subscribers to verify the accuracy of their Security Master File for North American Equities. Subscribers have the ability to compare their Security Master File, or any portion of their file, to FII’s Financial Stock Service history files (data back to 1968) as well as FII’s Financial Actions Services. ELF is now packaged with the Security Reference Service (SRS) and subscribers have 24/7 access to FII’s reference and historical databases.

FII’s Financial Actions Services (FAS)

FII’s Financial Actions Services report real-time Corporate Action activity which affects publicly traded U.S. and Canadian securities. Our service is divided into (4) segments: Reorganization, Called Bonds, Put Options and Warrant Watch Service. The information is provided in clear, logical order to facilitate the processing of all Corporate Actions.


Coverage includes Mergers, Stock Splits, Name Changes, Rights Offers, Tender Offers, Purchase/Exchange Offers, Bankruptcies, Recapitalizations and more.

Called Bonds

Coverage includes Corporate and Municipal Bonds, Full and Partial Calls, Convertible and Preferred Stocks and more.

Put Options

Coverage includes Optional Puts, Retention Options, Options to Convert interest rates and more.

Warrant Watch

Coverage includes listing of new stock Purchase Warrants, Change in Terms, Dates, Expirations and more.


Coverage includes: Adjustable Rate Preferreds, ADR’s, Capital Shares, Certificates, Common Stock, Convertible Preferreds, Closed End Funds, Cumulative Preferreds, Debt Linked Securities, Equity Linked Securities, ETF’s, ETN’s, Foreign Preferreds, GDR’s, Limited Partnerships, Ordinary Shares, Participating Common Stock, Participating Preferreds, Preferreds, REITS, RIGHTs, Royalty Trusts, Units, UIT’s, Warrants and more.

International Data Service

FII’s has integrated data from London-based Company Exchange Data International (EDI) into its internet query system FII Online. FII’s International Service offers clients a full range of services providing global coverage of corporate actions events. FII’s International Service provides up-to-date and accurate equity-based information from more than 400 sources on a daily basis. It covers over 150 exchanges worldwide, with detailed announcements on over 50 Corporate Actions event types.

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