FactSet is a leading provider of financial data and analytic applications for investment professionals around the globe. Partner with FactSet for your data needs and gain a solution that encompasses best-of-breed content and powerful delivery options. From market and industry intelligence to detailed company information, FactSet combines global coverage, deep history, and unparalleled transparency. FactSet will work with you and your data delivery requirements to make sure you get the data you need, delivered the way you want it.

Every day, FactSet data is used by thousands of professionals and cited by industry thought leaders, including reporters from The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, and CNN Money. Join thousands of the world’s top performing financial professionals who rely on FactSet’s streamlined solutions and data integration expertise to get their jobs done, better.

Company Information

Available data sets

FactSet Data Exploration

FactSet Data Exploration includes 40+ institutional grade datasets (including core content, alternative data, ESG, and more), offering a streamlined way to explore and evaluate new ideas. Instantly interact with data in a fully hosted environment that includes industry-standard databases, programming languages, and data visualization tools. FactSet Data Exploration eliminates the cost of trialing data locally by providing everything needed to analyze new content with a simple login.


FactSet Fundamentals lets you analyze thousands of data items for public and private companies with history going back to 1980 in developed markets and the early 1990s in emerging markets, providing a firm foundation for financial analysis. Gain access to detailed historical financial content, per share data, calculated ratios, pricing, and textual information to perform company, comparative, and comprehensive analysis.


FactSet Estimates provides comprehensive consensus- and detail-level estimates and statistics from leading investment banks and research firms.  With more than 800 contributing brokers, FactSet Estimates covers more than 16,000 active global companies and provides deep historical information, including important facts, such as company-issued guidance and actuals, as well as commodity projections and sector-specific data.


The Ownership dataset provides detailed institutional, mutual fund and insiders/individuals equity share ownership data for public companies along with public float shares, buys and sells of Insiders and major shareholders. In addition you can access deep insights into portfolio data on investments for Institutions and Funds. This dataset can be used to track market momentum and identify the frequency by which assets within a fund are bought and sold.

FactSet Ownership

FactSet Ownership provides global summary and detailed institutional, mutual fund, insider/stakeholder, and float-related share ownership information for equities worldwide. Investigate share ownership from both the company and holder perspective. Access details such as position, position change, market value, percent of portfolio and shares outstanding, source, metro region, state, style, and turnover.

Events and Transcripts

FactSet Events and Transcripts provides transcripts for companies’ publicly held conference calls, including earnings releases, guidance updates, shareholder meetings, sales calls, and more.  Access specific conference call details, type of call, phone number, and password, as well as important investor relations contact information.


FactSet Mergers provides industry-leading global mergers and acquisitions data. Analyze highly negotiated aspects of merger agreements and identify precedent language and sample transactions. Access detailed information on publicly announced mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and spinoffs involving both public and private companies. View comprehensive transaction data such as deal terms, dates of announcement and closing, financial multiples, financial and legal advisors, fees, and industry analytics.

Supply Chain Relationships

FactSet Supply Chain Relationships helps you unlock the value of the inter-connections in the world economy by identifying materially related companies and categorizing their relationship dependencies. Uncover the complex networks of key customers, suppliers, competitors, and strategic partners of companies.

Geographic Revenue Exposure

FactSet Geographic Revenue Exposure provides a highly structured and normalized display of companies’ revenues by geography. Access a comprehensive database that correlates geographic revenue to a normalized geographic classification system containing more than 280 countries, areas, regions, and super-regions.

Debt Capital Structure

FactSet Debt Capital Structure helps you thoroughly examine sources of debt for public and private companies with access to issue-level detail as well as summary-level statistics. Data is sourced from the financial tables and notes of the actual company filing, covering all types of debt instruments as well as financial and non-financial global issuers with historical information back to 2006.


The FactSet People database provides personal and professional information for individuals associated with public and private companies. Access supporting information including, employment history, contact details, biographies, direct ownership information, and management and board affiliations.

Financial Entities

FactSet’s financial entities data tracks the changes and relationships between public or private companies and their operating subsidiaries, equity and fixed income securities, company officers and directors, analysts, money managers, and more.

Integration with Statistical Packages

FactSet integrates with leading statistical packages so you can spend less time compiling information and more time performing analysis. FactSet’s integration combines reliable data with sophisticated statistical and financial modeling software, so you gain a single point of entry and unparalleled flexibility for your models, time series analysis, and data validation.

FactSet integrates with the following packages:

Matlab (http://www.factset.com/websitefiles/PDFs/brochures/matlab)

R (http://www.r-project.org/)

SAS (http://www.sas.com/en_us/home.html)

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