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Take Advantage of EDI’s Comprehensive and Complete Securities Reference Data for Equities and Fixed Income Instruments Around the Globe

From our beginnings in 1994, EDI has built a position as a leading provider of Global Reference Data by helping the global financial community make informed decisions through the provision of fast, precise, timely and affordable reference data services.

EDI knows the financial data business, and, in particular, the emerging and frontier markets. The cornerstone of its success lies in its ability to deliver the most accurate and relevant data, and its close relationships with software and data partners, ensuring the reference data is of the utmost quality.

  • Where to find data – We have more than 600 sources covering 215 exchanges, and we work in 36 languages daily.
  • How to organize data – The Data Entry and Data use technology specifically designed and built to suit the company’s and clients’ needs.
  • How users use data – With a flexible approach, we ensure our products and our support services can always be closely aligned to client requirements.

Due to its detailed knowledge and experience, EDI also enables its clients to customize data sets and ad hoc feeds, in order to meet their specific requirements, efficiently and affordably. By choosing Exchange Data International you will benefit from:

  • A professional client management team that delivers the lowest cost of ownership whilst at the same time being the most responsive to client requests
  • Services from a company whose on-going commitment to providing cost effective reference data solutions has been rewarded with the internationally recognized symbol of quality, ISO 9001.

Company Information

Available data sets

Worldwide Corporate Actions (WCA)

Make informed investment decisions based on timely and accurate worldwide corporate actions data.

Get direct access to global corporate actions data and receive:

– Comprehensive information on all corporate actions events affecting global securities from over 150 exchanges worldwide
– Detailed announcements on many event types including dividends, takeovers, and stock splits

Choose to receive accurate corporate actions data via:

– A web based application
– An FTP connection either a 4x daily or end-of- day
– Proprietary format
– ISO 15022 message standard, providing MT564 & 568 announcements actions/Equity/worldwide-corporate-actions.php#service

Worldwide Fixed Income (WFI)

Get a complete overview of changes affecting global debt securities. With the worldwide fixed income data service, you will have access to:

– International debt securities (corporate, government and government agency) in more than 150 countries
– A broad range of asset types including:
– Convertibles
– FRNs
– Permanent interest bearing shares
– Preferred securities
– Treasury bills

Choose to receive worldwide fixed income data either:

– Online
– Via FTP under our proprietary feed
– Via an ISO 15022 messaging standard actions/fixed-income/worldwide- fixed-income.php#service

Worldwide Dividend Data (WDI)

Get a complete overview of global dividend payments & schedules from a single source. Know that our worldwide dividends data service will provide you with:

– Access to worldwide dividend announcements sourced from more than 150 exchanges
– Detailed information on both cash & stock dividends including record, pay and ex dates, gross & net amounts
– Details of all currencies in which a dividend can be paid
– The ability to keep up with the growing numbers of distributions with more complex profiles

Choose to receive worldwide dividends data:

– 3 times a day or end-of- day, via a feed
– via user-friendly online platform distributions-data.php#service

Worldwide Shares Outstanding (WSO)

Calculate share stakes, regulatory reporting levels and capitalisation figures. Use our worldwide shares outstanding data service to help you to monitor:

– Name and code changes
– New issues
– Sector trends

Subscribe to a shares outstanding data feed to get access to outstanding figures for the following security types:

– Equity shares
– Preference shares
– ETFs (US)
– Stapled securities

Choose to receive worldwide dividends data:

– via a FTP feed
– via user-friendly online platform outstanding/worldwide-shares-outstanding.php#service

Securities Reference Data (SRF)

Access dynamically updated, maintained and detailed information on over 1,300,000 listed and unlisted securities including:

– Certificates
– Equities
– Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
– Debt instruments
– Indices
– Mutual funds
– Warrants

Use our powerful search tool to search and select data from over 40 fields including:

– US Local Code
– Tickers
– Issuer name
– Country of register
– CFI code
– Industry classification
– Security class

Choose to receive securities reference data either daily with history via an FTP connection or as a one off ad-hoc feed. data/securities-reference- data.php#service

Financial Public Holidays (PUBHOL)

Keep up to date with worldwide public holidays data. Save crucial time and money spent monitoring public holidays and their impact on trading services on these days. Use our worldwide public holidays data feed to notify you of:

– The public holidays observed by exchanges, banks and clearing houses globally
– The operating hours of each financial institution
Choose to subscribe to daily or weekly feeds. Then have them delivered by a FTP connection. Know that weekly feeds list all coming holidays from T+3 to T+31.
You can even have public holidays data integrated to your Outlook or Gmail calendar. holidays/public-holidays- database.php#service

Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Stay ahead of the game with initial public offering (IPO) data. Access IPO data announcements captured at 6 stages:

– New – indicates that the IPO is complete (or in action) and the listing date is today or yesterday.
– Rumour – indicates that the company (or other respected source) has announced its intention to hold an IPO, but before the necessary approval has been made.
– Pending – indicates that the IPO is confirmed and the necessary approval has been made.
– Historical – indicates that the IPO has taken place and the listing date is more than 2 days before.
– Postponed – an IPO which has been temporarily suspended, pending a further announcement on the operation of the placement.
– Withdrawn – an IPO which has been permanently stopped due to the company’s or regulatory body’s decision.

Know that initial public offering/IPO data is gathered from:

– Primary sources – 150 international stock exchanges
– Secondary source including international news agencies

Choose to receive initial public offering data either online or via a FTP connection. public-offerings.php#service

Exchange Traded Derivative Data (ETD)

Efficiently keep track of corporate actions affecting derivative contracts. Use the derivative reference data file to efficiently identify any specific exchange traded derivative contracts and select data from more than 30 fields including:

– Root Code
– Aii
– Security Description
– Underlying Instrument Details
– Contract Size
– Exercise Style

Obtain fast access to accurate closing pricing data. Choose to receive exchange traded derivative end-of- day pricing by exchange, portfolio or on a global basis. Data elements include open, high, low, close, open interest, number of trades and volume traded.

Feeds are available by FTP in: XML, CSV, TXT actions/derivative-data/#service

End of day pricing Data (EODP)

Get access to closing prices data as soon as it becomes available. Our end of day prices are available for:

– Equities
– Listed bonds
– Listed indices
– Exchange Traded Derivatives
– US Mutual Funds

Data elements include open, high, low, close, traded volume & value and number of transactions
Choose to receive end of day pricing/closing pricing data by country, region or on a global basis. Then have it delivered to you via FTP. data/security-closing- prices.php#service
Get fast answers to closing pricing questions. A 24-hour support line is available to you Monday through to Friday.

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