Digital Financial LLC.

Digital Financial LLC (DiFi) makes it easy to find, analyze and use every data point and tool needed to manage complex investments.

DiFI Platform as a Service enables users to replace complex systems architecture, workflows and applications with easy-to-use, customized and applications with easy-to-use, customized data.

DiFi automatically harnesses every piece of information, analytic, workflow and application and delivers simple data, wherever, whenever, however it’s most useful.

Our 8-stage process allows investors to implement complex investment strategies easily and eliminates reliance on complicated data warehouses, lakes, and lake houses, while reducing engineering requirements and improving transparency.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Clear, complete information: illiquid assets | liabilities | futures, forwards, swaps, options, other securitized contracts | real estate | cash flows | hedge, PE, and VC funds | publicly traded funds and trusts | investment pools, plans | digital assets | counterparties | equities, funds, fixed income | more.
  • Deliver critical knowledge: valuation | risk analysis and management | performance evaluation | liability management | tax and other factor optimization | compliance and other back-office operations | more.
  • Work seamlessly with current processes: DiFi requires little-to-no cost, expertise, time to implement.
  • DiFi automatically connects every tool within an organization and lets users blend their functions to deliver unique capabilities faster, more easily, and less expensively.

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