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Data Axle, formerly known as Infogroup, is a leading provider of business, consumer and specialty data across the US and Canada. Data Axle’s databases include demographic insights on individuals and households as well as firmographic insights on businesses across the US & Canada. They provide high-value details about traditional brick-and-mortar locations and the growing number of home-based businesses operated by entrepreneurs, freelancers, contractors, consultants, and service providers across every industry. This makes Data Axle’s data an essential ingredient in everything, from marketing and sales to product development.

The data is used by companies large and small – from sole proprietorships to 20% of the Fortune 500. Clients often use the data for two primary use cases:

Marketing & Analytics – identifying and marketing a company’s best prospects to ensure their business is efficiently acquiring new customers and ultimately driving revenue.

Product Development – overlaying and building Data Axle’s data to include in-depth firmographic and demographic information into their products and services. For start-ups who’s needs to focus on both revenue generation and product development, Data Axle is uniquely suited to help expand capabilities, drive real-time intelligence, and grow their business.

Data Axle’s data is used heavily in financial/investment applications – both by newer tech-focused organizations as well as more traditional financial institutions. The data provides solutions for fraud identification, risk assessment, due diligence, business intelligence, market research, vendor/supply chain management, direct marketing, analytics, trend analysis and more.

Company Information

Available data sets

Verified Business Database

Infogroup offers the only phone-verified business database in the marketplace. Over 24 million phone calls are made annually in Omaha, Nebraska to businesses in the US and Canada to confirm they are in business and to collect first-hand details such as address, lines of business, location employee size, key decision maker names/titles, website address, and more.

Through broad sourcing and unique validation processes, our focus with this database is to get as close as possible to a true census of every business regardless of size or industry.

With real-time updates to the tune of more than 50,000 daily, you can be sure you have the most updated information available on public and private companies; large and small businesses; store-front and work-at-home, and traditional vs. e-commerce only businesses.

Out of Business Database

Identifying closed locations in a timely fashion is critical for any data application to be optimized. This file consists only of those businesses that we have confirmed through primary research to be out of business. This confirmation most often takes place as a result of calling businesses directly, through their website or via social media updates from the business. This file is updated in real-time.

New Business Database

New businesses can be identified separately within the Infogroup Database. New businesses are sourced from federal, state, county and local sources as well as periodicals listing new business registrations. New businesses are updated in real-time with approximately 40,000 being added weekly.

Historical Business Database

The Historical Business Database provides a snapshot of the U.S. Verified Business Database for any given year between 1997 through the present. Updated annually, this file provides a means to analyze business trends over time. Analysis can be done at the industry level, market level or at the individual chain/brand level. Understand which brands are opening or closing at a higher clip than their peers; learn which industries are growing or shrinking; identify which geographic regions are developing or declining.

Consumer Database

With 100 contributing sources and a full rebuild every month, the U.S. Consumer Database sets the standard for unparalleled quality. Its comprehensive demographic and lifestyle attributes allow for creative solution building for any marketing or research campaign. This database is designed to cover every household in the United States. Infogroup tracks all individuals, 18 years or older, within a household, and the file contains over 175 million households and close to 300 million individuals. In addition to the individual household members’ names, we collect a variety of demographic (age, income, length of residence, home ownership, children present, etc.) and lifestyle data (interests & hobbies scored by intensity of interest) at the individual level, the household level and the neighborhood level.

New Movers Database

Every year, nearly 20% of the U.S. population moves to a new residence. Infogroup’s New Movers Database consists of individuals who have changed residence in the last year. It covers the entire United States and contains data from several proprietary sources such as new phone connections, change of address for credit cards and magazines and deed transfers. Insight about these movers include:  date of move, distance of move, in-state vs out-of-state move, sale price of a new home, etc.

Historical Consumer Database

This database is an annual snapshot of the U.S. Consumer Database on any given year from 2006 through the present. This file provides a means to analyze consumer trends over time – including population growth/decline, shifts in household makeup (income, home ownership, home value, etc.) and the impact of economic conditions on those households. Analysis can be done at any geographic level (national, state, county, city, zip, etc.).


A unique database born from crossing Infogroup’s Verified Business Database with its Consumer Database to yield 50 million super-profiles of individuals.  By combining information about a person’s makeup at home (age, income, investor, credit card trade lines, number of children, home ownership, home equity, etc.) with their makeup at work (owns a small carpet cleaning business with 7 employees; is CEO of a leading private civil engineering firm with 3,800 employees, etc.), you are able to get a much richer understanding of who a person is – including their financial realities, what services they are more or less likely to consider, etc.

Public Filings

The Public Filing Database contains nationwide bankruptcy information for individuals and businesses. Infogroup’s public record database is compiled from more than 8,000 U.S. federal, county and local courthouses, allowing access to the largest, most comprehensive public records collection system in the industry. Updated daily.

UCC Database

This database represents information about loans taken out by businesses primarily. UCC filings are done by lending or leasing institutions to establish a claim on property that has been pledged as collateral for a loan. These filings most often apply to collateral that does not already have a title or a deed (e.g. business equipment, accounts receivable, inventory, patents).

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