ApeVue is a data services provider in the Private Equity / Venture Capital space.  They provide the most actionable and timely market data and analytics on private company investments, including Pricing Data, Index and Benchmark Data, and Reference Datasets.  ApeVue was established by financial market data professionals and a broker-led consortium in order to produce objective, market-driven insights.

Company Information

Available Data Sets


  • ApeVue Daily Pricing Data for VC-Backed Companies
  • ApeVue50 Index (Total Return Benchmark)
  • ApeVue Sector Benchmarks
  • ApeVue Comparison and Portfolio Analytics
  • ApeVue Fund Tracking on VC-Backed 1940 Act Investors
  • ApeVue Capitalization Table Data
  • ApeVue IDs (Issuer and Tranche Level Identifiers)

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