Mar 08, 2024

Meet Nufi — A Demo Day[s] 10 Presenting Startup

This year, FinTech Sandbox Demo Day[s] will take place across two days, April 9 & April 11. The presentations will be virtual and the event, as always, is free. Demo Days are exciting because we get to showcase startups that are on the very cutting edge of innovation and you get to see what they’re up to before they’re discovered.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll highlight a few of this year’s presenting entrepreneurs. Today, we’re talking to Hans Villa, CEO of Nufi, which is based in the city of Monterrey in Mexico. Nufi empowers all companies in Mexico to make accurate and reliable decisions based on identity validation. Nufi is presenting on Tuesday, April 9.

Hans Villa is CEO of Nufi, which is based in the city of Monterrey in Mexico. Nufi empowers all companies in Mexico to make accurate and reliable decisions based on identity validation.

Q. Hans, tell us a bit about Nufi. What problems are you solving?

A. Nufi revolutionizes identity verification in Mexico, streamlining background checks to a single data point for quick, secure trust decisions. With unique data sources and a flexible platform, Nufi targets financial services, real estate, and hiring, enhancing digital trust and simplifying operations.

Q. What is your company’s origin story?

A. Nufi started when my co-founder Ilich Núñez and I saw a big problem: verifying someone’s identity in Latin America was slow and complicated. We decided to fix this by using technology to make it quick and safe. With just a photo of an ID, Nufi can tell businesses everything they need to know to trust someone. Ilich and I are deeply committed to building trust within the LatinX community around the world, making every transaction secure and straightforward.

Q. Can you describe what it’s been like to be part of the FinTech Sandbox community?

A. Being part of the Fintech Sandbox community has been transformative for Nufi. This engagement has provided us with invaluable resources, such as access to premium data feeds and APIs, which have been instrumental in refining our technology and scaling our services. The collaborative environment has fostered connections with industry leaders, offering mentorship opportunities and insights into fintech trends. It’s been a platform for growth, innovation, and networking, enhancing our capabilities and positioning us as a key player in the identity verification space.

Q. Why is data access important to your startup?

A. Data access is crucial for Nufi because it powers our identity verification service. The more data we can gather, the better and more accurate our background checks become. This helps us build stronger trust with our clients by offering them precise and current information. Simply put, having access to a wide range of data allows us to improve our services continuously and address our clients’ needs effectively, ensuring their transactions are safe and reliable.

Q. What milestones has Nufi achieved so far?

A. Nufi has achieved several significant milestones that showcase our journey towards enabling trust and transforming identity verification in Mexico and for the LatinX community worldwide:

1. Extensive Customer Base: We’ve built a strong foundation with over 190+ B2B customers, generating substantial revenue and demonstrating the market’s trust in our solutions.

2. Capital Raise: Successfully raised USD 450K in an angel round, highlighting investor confidence in our vision and execution capabilities.

3. Techstars and Google Accelerator Alumni: Participation in these prestigious accelerators, Techstars W21 and Google Accelerator W22, underscores our innovative approach and potential for scale.

4. Exclusive Data Sources: Nufi is the sole provider of certain crucial data sources in Mexico, offering unmatched depth and breadth of information for identity verification.

5. Comprehensive Background Checks: Developed the most exhaustive background check system in Mexico, ensuring our clients can make quick and safe trust decisions.

6. Flexible and Modular Solutions: Offering both a user-friendly platform for immediate checks and an API for seamless integration into clients’ workflows, showcasing our adaptability to diverse client needs.

7. Growth and Expansion: Focused on scaling, with goals to capture a significant share of the Serviceable Obtainable Market within the next three years, targeting approximately $22.5 million in annual revenue.

Each of these milestones represents a step forward in our commitment to providing a safer, more efficient, and trustworthy environment for transactions and interactions in the financial services sector and beyond. Ilich and I have a deep commitment to enabling trust in the LatinX community throughout the world, driving every innovation and decision at Nufi.

Q. What trends in fintech are you most excited about?

A. I’m really excited about a few fintech trends that I think are changing the game:

1. AI and Machine Learning: These are making our work faster and smarter, especially when it comes to checking someone’s identity. It helps us catch fraud better and make sure our clients can trust the people they’re dealing with.

2. Blockchain: This technology is all about making transactions super secure. It keeps records safe and unchangeable, which is great for protecting personal info and building trust online.

3. Digital Identity Verification: As more of our lives move online, it’s super important to have a safe way to prove who we are on the internet. We’re working on making this process really easy and secure for everyone, especially for the LatinX community around the world.

4. RegTech for Compliance: With all the rules and regulations out there, fintechs need to stay on top of them without slowing down. Technology that helps with this is really important for keeping things smooth and legal.

5. Financial Inclusion: Fintech is helping bring banking and financial services to people who haven’t had them before. By making it easier to verify identities, we’re helping open up these services to more people, which is something I’m really passionate about.

Each of these trends is helping us at Nufi do our job better and make the financial world a safer, more inclusive place.

Q. How does Nufi think about leveraging AI in a differentiated way?

A. At Nufi, we approach AI with a distinct perspective, focusing on enabling trust across financial interactions, especially within the LatinX community. Here’s how we differentiate our use of AI:

1. Custom AI Models for Identity Verification: Unlike generic solutions, we develop AI models specifically tailored to the unique challenges of verifying identities in Latin America. These models are trained on a wide range of data points, including those exclusive to Nufi, ensuring higher accuracy and reliability.

2. Real-time Data Analysis: We leverage AI to analyze vast amounts of data in real-time, providing immediate insights for decision-making. This capability is critical in environments where speed and accuracy are paramount, such as in fraud detection and customer verification processes.

3. AI-driven Compliance and Regulation Adherence: Given the complex regulatory landscape in Latin America, our AI systems are designed to adapt to and comply with local laws and international standards. This proactive approach to compliance is a key differentiator, ensuring our solutions meet the highest standards of legal integrity.

4. Enhanced Financial Inclusion: Our AI technologies are instrumental in extending financial services to traditionally underserved communities. By simplifying and securing the identity verification process, we make it easier for individuals and businesses to access essential financial services, fostering greater inclusivity.

5. Continuous Learning and Improvement: Our AI systems are built to learn from each interaction, constantly improving their accuracy and effectiveness. This commitment to ongoing learning ensures that our solutions evolve alongside our clients’ needs, maintaining our edge in innovation.

In essence, our differentiated approach to leveraging AI is deeply intertwined with our mission to build trust and enhance security in financial services, all while promoting greater inclusivity through technological innovation.

Q. What’s next for Nufi?

A. Looking ahead, Nufi is focused on expanding our reach and impact, particularly in serving the LatinX community across the Americas. Our roadmap includes several key initiatives:

1. Expansion into New Markets: We’re planning to extend our services beyond Mexico, targeting key markets in Latin America and the United States where the LatinX community significantly benefits from enhanced identity verification and financial inclusion services.

2. Product Innovation: Continuing to innovate our platform with the latest AI and machine learning advancements to offer more comprehensive and efficient identity verification solutions. This includes developing new features that cater to the specific needs of our expanding customer base.

3. Strategic Partnerships: Forming strategic partnerships with financial institutions, fintech startups, and community organizations to broaden our reach and impact. These collaborations will allow us to bring our services to underserved communities, furthering our mission of enabling trust and financial inclusion.

4. Regulatory Compliance: As we expand, we’ll continue to navigate the complex regulatory environment of each new market, ensuring that our services remain compliant while advocating for regulatory frameworks that support innovation and inclusivity in financial services.

5. Community Engagement: Deepening our engagement with the communities we serve through educational initiatives, financial literacy programs, and community-based projects. We believe that empowering individuals with knowledge and resources is key to fostering financial wellness and inclusion.

Our journey is driven by the belief that access to trustworthy financial services is foundational to economic empowerment. As we move forward, Nufi remains committed to being at the forefront of using technology to break down barriers to financial inclusion, making safe and equitable financial services accessible to all, especially the LatinX community.

To hear more about Nufi and 11 other exciting fintech startups, be sure to register for FinTech Sandbox Demo Day[s] 10!

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