Driving Innovation By Increasing Data Access To Fintech Startups Around The World

Fintech Sandbox provides free access to critical data and resources to entrepreneurs around the world through our Data Access Residency, enabling them to build and scale their early-stage fintech products.


Fintech Sandbox By The Numbers



To date, more than 350 startups from around the world have benefited from our Data Access Residency. We meet companies in the early-stages of their life cycle—typically bootstrapped through Series A.



Data is expensive, and for an early-stage startup the cost can be a significant barrier. Since 2014, we’ve made data more accessible and enabled startups with the resources to get their products off the ground.



We make available data sets from more than 40 different data providers, covering a range of categories from capital markets to weather to news, including both structured and unstructured data.



That’s what it costs to participate in the program. There are no fees and no equity is taken. You read that right—it’s completely free.

Data Should Be The Fuel For Innovation, Not A Roadblock

Why Data Access?

The high cost and inaccessibility of data are the roadblocks that many fintech entrepreneurs face. We know that access to data is a challenge to fintech founders and an impediment to innovation.

During our Data Access Residency, Fintech Sandbox provides free access to data feeds and APIs from our industry leading Data Partners for up to 6 months.

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Global Reach


Sao Paulo, Brazil

Toronto, Canada

Espoo , Finland

Paris, France

Berlin, Germany

Lagos, Nigeria

Mumbai, India

Dublin, Ireland

Galway, Ireland

Singapore, Singapore

Johannesburg, South Africa

London, UK

Atlanta, Georgia

Austin, Texas

Boston, Massachusetts

Charlotte, North Carolina

Chicago, Illinois

Los Angeles, California

Miami, Florida

Nashville, Tennessee

New York City, New York

San Francisco, California

Washington, USA

Mirqab, Kuwait

Dubai, UAE

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