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Company Information

  • Website https://rise.barclays/
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Partner Information

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Available data sets


Get a location key for your desired location. Use the location key to retrieve weather data from the Forecast or Current Conditions API.

Current Conditions

Get Current Conditions data for a specific location.

Daily And Hourly Forecasts

Get forecast information for a specific location.

Daily Lifestyle Index Forecasts

Get daily index values for a specific location. Index availability varies by location.

Weather Alarms (Daily)

Get Weather Alarms for a specific location. AccuWeather Weather Alarms are determined using the daily forecasts for a location. An alarm exists for a location if the forecast weather meets or exceeds specific thresholds.

Tidal Forecasts (Daily)

Documentation upon request

Minutecast┬« – Minute-By-Minute Precipitation Forecasts

Documentation upon request

Historical Conditions

Documentation upon request

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